Confluence Companies Team Member, Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh


Tim provides the overall team leadership for Confluence Companies. A distinguished United States Military Academy graduate, with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from Stanford University, he provides the vision, character and determination needed to see a project through to a successful completion. People who have worked with Tim appreciate his extensive knowledge, problem solving skills and focus, as much as his ingenuity and collaborative manner in dealing with everyone involved to develop the best project possible. Tim formed Confluence Builders in 2006 after a successful career as a senior executive with Mortenson Construction where he managed over $1.5 billion in construction projects. Since its founding, Confluence has managed the development and construction of over $750 million in projects which includes a total of 2,000 multi-family residential units. With an exceptional combination of expertise in planning, design, development, and construction management, Confluence is a vertically integrated company focused on streamlining the development of complex projects.

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