What We Do

Confluence Companies provides the flexibility and dependability to develop communities of distinction. As an investor and long-term holder of the properties we develop, we care deeply about creating meaningful and authentic communities with lasting value.

real estate construction employees at construction site
heated pool at the steel ranch apartments property management


Creating Exceptional Places®

Researching trends, analyzing market data and nurturing good community relationships—we are committed to finding, acquiring, and entitling the most prime place-making properties. In fact, we have a passion for creatively maximizing the potential of challenging sites.

employees shaking hands at the ground breaking ceremony for a real estate development
Rendering of the Eddy Hotel real estate development in Golden, CO


Creating Exceptional Places®

Through sound financial analysis, conservative underwriting, and extensive expertise, we’re adept at translating our proven track record into properties people will want to call home.


Building Exceptional Places®

As a long-term property owner, quality is our primary  focus. We are driven by passion and a strong drive to do beyond what is expected. Our trusted relationships, commitment to collaboration, and mindfulness for sustainability allow us to manage and construct superior residential, commercial, and hospitality developments.

A real estate construction site
residents enjoying the lobby of a confluence real estate property management company


Live Exceptionally®

Our unparalleled customer service contributes to building a network of truly authentic communities. By providing hospitality-style service, value-added amenities and authentic community engagement we promote a culture of caring that elevates the rental property experience and helps protect our investment.