Where Have All The Condos Gone?

June 10, 2019

When it comes to multifamily construction, 96% is built for renters. But after Colorado lawmakers passed legislation two years ago aimed at boosting the condo market, Confluence Companies decided to try and change that statistic with an $116 million dollar, eight-story new build, Zia Sunnyside.

With only 24,000 new condo units built nationally over the past year and 96% of multifamily construction reserved solely for renters, options for those looking to purchase a condo are limited. But thanks to Confluence Construction, who is currently building an $116 million dollar, eight-story building, these statistics may change—at least for Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood.

When completed, the building will be home to Zia Sunnyside—a city-block long new build that offers both apartments and condos, 25 of which are designed to be affordable for working-class, as well as retail space, luxury amenities, and more.

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