President Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh

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Principal Tony DeSimone

Tony DeSimone

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Matt McBride

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Tiffany Sweeney Vice President at Confluence Communities

Tiffany Sweeney
Vice President
Confluence Communities

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Candace Stange Controller

Candace Stange

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Tommy Visconsi
Development and Finance Manager

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Rachel Mohrman
Development Analyst

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Project Superintendent Dave Chismar

Dave Chismar
Field Operations Manager

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Project Manager Andrew Beal

Andrew Beal
Project Manager

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Cole Nelson
Project Manager

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Dan Tovado
Project Manager

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Project Manager Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith
Project Manager

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Project Superintendent Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner
Project Superintendent

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Project Superintendent Jason Madeley

Jason Madeley
Project Superintendent

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Brent Biggs
Senior Accountant

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Cheryl Clark
Project Administrator

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Randi Whitley
Senior Accountant

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Catherine Joslin
Staff Accountant

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profile photo of heather couturier

Heather Couturier
Recruiting & Training Manager

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Meredith Walker
Operations & Marketing Manager

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Aimee Wright
Area Manager

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Morgan Peabody
Area Manager

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profile photo of javier alday

Javier Alday
Area Maintenance Supervisor

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Profile photo of robert rubio

Robert Rubio
Area Maintenance Supervisor

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profile photo of ashley pearson

Ashley Pearson
Community Manager
West 8th & Basecamp

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Brittany Terwilliger
Community Manager
The Lydian

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profile photo of liz smith

Liz Smith
Community Manager
Timberline Farms

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